Safari i Sydafrika

Travel tips – on your own in South Africa

A wonderful way to discover South Africa is on your own. Jump into the rental car and head out on an incredible journey that you will never forget.

North South Africa – Limpopo och Kruger National Park

The journey begins with driving north out of Johannesburg Airport to Limpopo. The diverse geography, with high plateaus and lowlands, mountains and rivers, gives the area a fantastic and diverse habitat: from vast plains to tropical plantations, indigenous forests and bushveld. You will meet people in their homes, far away from touristic “cultural villages. You will visit some of the country’s birding hot-spots, one of the world’s largest canyons and the mighty Kruger National Park: the most iconic of all game reserves in Africa.

After 6 wonderful days of wildlife, culture and beautiful nature experiences, it’s time to drive back to Johannesburg and fly to Port Elizabeth.


Garden Rout – Port Elizabeth to Cape Town

Now it is time to drive the popular and well-known Garden Rout on your own along the south coast of South Africa. Here you will experience exceptional nature experiences, good food & wine and unusual wildlife. You will explore both well-known destinations and hidden gems. All accommodation is 3-4 star and picked for its unique locations as well as comfort.

After 9 days along South Africa’s south coast, the journey ends in Cape Town. It’s time to return the rental car and check in at the airport in Cape Town.


  • 15 wonderful days of wildlife, culture, wine tasting & spectacular scenery
  • Kruger National Park.
  • Blyde River Canyon
  • Garden Rout
  • Cape Town


These trips include accommodation, activities, assistance with reservations for restaurant and optional activities, directions and information about optional activities, meals as per program

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