Hawaan Forest

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One of the few examples of primeval forest left in South Africa. Noted for its rare trees. Bushpig, red and blue and grey duiker, banded and slender mongoose and velvet monkey occur. Both species of mamba and python are to be found. Trails through the forest are conducted by the Umhlanga centre of the Wildlife Society. This is a private reserve and permission to visit must be obtained.

This beautiful forest is a unique woodland area bounded by the Ohlanga River and the sea. After centuries it still remains unspoiled and is home to a large number of animals and birds.

The Hawaan Forest also contains many different tree species and is a must for a nature and bird lover. In an attempt to continue preservation of the area, the Hawaan trails are not open to the public but one can join a guided trail through the unique ecosystem inhabited by bush pig, genet, duiker and sometimes, phythons!

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