African Invite

Explore the Cape Winelands with a wine maker.

Discover African Invite.

Inspired by the individuality of their guests, every tour is decidedly different and designed by selecting destinations, ensuring immersive experiences. When you choose African Invite, you’re not simply choosing to visit Africa, you are choosing an unforgettable way to smell, hear and taste Africa.

Your guide and host, Jim, is a Cape Wine Academy graduate, winemaker and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of wine enjoyment and production. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a novice, our leisurely-paced tours promise a blend of learning, relaxation, and sheer enjoyment.

Jim is a Cultural and Nature guide too and his tours visit popular destinations and others off-the-beaten-track. The pace is leisurely with a strong emphasis on what the Cape offers with respect to nature, cuisine, wines, and culture. This is a marvelous way to thoroughly explore the area and the relaxed pace gives travellers a chance to soak up our fascinating natural diversity and take in panoramic ocean vistas, pristine beaches, towering cliffs, wild bays, and quaint waterfront villages.

Embark on a private tour where exclusivity is paramount—no mixing with other groups. These personalised experiences allow you to immerse yourself fully in the delights of the Cape. We tour at an easy, relaxed pace, with time to stop and enjoy each place. We call it "Going Slowly." It is a way to spend valuable time well. Create unforgettable memories with African Invite.

African Invite

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